Traceability, Transparency and Anti-Tampering
For Consumer Safety

tracciabilità e antimanomissione prodotti fenolia

For the consumer safety, all packaging of FENÒLIA® line are equipped with TAMPER-PROOF SEAL, developed and validated by Pilot Italia S.p.A. in accordance with Directive 2011/62/EU which shows the Community code relevant to medicinal products for human use in order to prevent the entry of counterfeit products into the legal supply chain. The integrity of this seal, for whose production are used security inks and special tamper-evident adhesives, guarantees the integrity of the package as manufactured and marketed.

tracciabilità e antimanomissione prodotti fenolia

All packs of FENÒLIA® presentations are fitted with the SEiDTM tracking system, developed by UNICHECK Srl, which consists of a label with two QR codes readable by smartphones’ apps. The first visible code allows the consumer to verify in real time whether the product corresponds exactly to that marketed by P&P Farma, to be informed if the packaging has been altered, stolen or withdrawn from sale and allows the access to all the information that are not shown on the label (ex. Certificate of Analysis and other of scientific technical nature).

Traceability,Transparency and Anti-Tampering

The second hidden code, accessible after the purchase, once the visible code is removed, confirms the purchase and, at the same time, provides a new verification of the authenticity of the product. Further information available only after the preparation of the folding boxes will be accessible to the final consumer on the consultation system, as well as a direct contact with the manufacturer.