Nutraceutics produtcs based on Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Nutraceutics, nourishment for the body and for the skin

FENÒLIA®line, well aware on the outcome of wide scientific conclusions on the healthy aspect own by Extra Virgin Olive Oil on feeding, skin care and on medicinal formulation, both as active ingredient or main excipient, offers a range of product (Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Functional Food) based on the utilization, as main component, of the Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil produced in the area of the Iblei Mountains, geographically located in the south-east area of Sicily, in the hearth of Mediterranean sea.

The Research and Development activities for the formulation and set-up of the quality specifications for the FENÒLIA® line products were carried out following the rules own by Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceutical preparations.


dietary supplement, nutraceutical
  • Enteric Coated Capsules 7.5

Food supplement of Hydroxytyrosol, at enteric release, from Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and Olive Extract.

FENÒLIA® Enteric Coated Capsules 7.5 is a formulation characterized by the presence of Hydroxytyrosol from Olive Extract conveyed in Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, which provides, in turn, all other Polyphenols with strong Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties. The Hydroxytyrosol exercises into the body those effects favoring the control of cholesterol and plasma triglycerides and of many inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucous membranes related to phenomena of oxidative stress (i.e.: atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema). Furthermore, for its widely recognized contrast properties to peroxidation action of free radicals (oxidative stress), it may contribute to reduce the signs of skin aging (whitening and anti-wrinkle properties).


crema per proteggere la pelle dei neonati e bambini
  • Eudermal Cream 15

FENÒLIA® Eudermal Cream 15 formulated with Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 15% titrated in Hydroxytyrosol, specially designed for the protection of all skin types, with specific attention to those most delicate and sensitive of babies.

Based on ITALIAN EXTRA VIRGIN ORGANIC OLIVE OIL titrated in Hydroxytyrosol and enriched with a synergistic blend of plant extracts from Organic Farming as well, specifically formulated to restore, preserve and improve the cutaneous trophism of the delicate and sensitive skin.

Oil bath of olive oil cleanser babies and children's skin
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bath 45

FENÒLIA® Oil Bath 45 based on Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 45% titrated in Polyphenols and Vitamin E is formulated to cleanse and heal the skin of the body, even the most delicate of babies, ensuring its integrity and the prevention of inflammatory processes.

Useable either diluted in water or by spreading it evenly over the dry skin, or slightly damp, before plunging into the bath or shower, it develops a soft foam gives the skin a smooth and velvety as from the first use. Rich in Polyphenols and Vitamin E fights free radicals, key responsible for the aging process. Also excellent for cleansing of the face.

shampoo contro forfora
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shampoo 40

FENÒLIA® Shampoo 40 based on Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 40% titrated in Polyphenols and Vitamin E Specially designed to cleanse gently and naturally the most delicate hair, ensuring their softness, shine and voluminosity. It is particularly recommended in children and to alleviate the discomforts generated by scalp irritation like dryness, dandruff, itchy states, seborrheic dermatitis.

Enriched with a synergistic blend of oils from herbal medicinal plants, it cleanses gently and naturally the most delicate hair giving softness, shine and bulkiness and helping to prevent inflammation of the scalp.